Earth Rider Brewery equipment set to be delivered

Earth Rider founder Tim Nelson and brewers Frank Kaszuba, Allyson Rolph and Tim Wilson traveled to Sprinkman Corp. in Waukesha, Wis. toinspect Earth Rider’s newly constructed brewery equipment. With Earth Rider’s official approval, the system is set to be delivered next Tuesday to the Earth Rider Brewery in Superior at 1617 N 3rd St.

Earth Rider’s brewing equipment was manufactured in Wisconsin using American steel that was sourced in Minnesota and Wisconsin iron mines. The state-of-the-art equipment is considered among the best in the world. It will be used to make independently brewed world-class beer for residents around the tip of Lake Superior.

The brewery equipment installation will begin at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Shown: Earth Rider Brewery’s soon-to-be delivered brewdeck with Earth Rider founder Tim Nelson, brewers Frank Kaszuba, Allyson Rolph and Tim Wilson, and the manufacturing team at Sprinkman Corporation.

Brewery Construction Flows


Construction activity has been fast paced at Earth Rider Brewery. New windows have been installed to let some sunshine into the brewery. The plumbers have finished installing the new drainage network which includes trench drains from the future brewhouse. Six-inch water service to the building has been installed to meet the volume demands of the brewhouse. The electricians nearly finished installing 400-amp, 480-volt electrical service, which will allow us to power all our brewery equipment as well as provide capacity for future expansions. Our bulk CO2 tank for carbonating beer was set into place a week ago by Minneapolis Oxygen. Construction of our boiler room begins this week.

We have been receiving equipment as well. Our glycol chiller, keg washer and some of our grain handling equipment have arrived. We anticipate receiving our Wisconsin-made brewhouse from W.M. Sprinkman early this August.

Of course, we can’t wait to start brewing beer! If all goes to plan, we will start brewing in September and will pour our first finished batch in October.

We’ll keep you posted!

Earth Rider Brewery Launches Construction with Ceremony

Earth Rider Brewery officially launched its construction phase while receiving a $109,877 Wis. Economic Development Corporation grant at an event earlier today. The event was held in the future brewery space in the former Leamon Mercantile building.

“Superior doesn’t need its own brewery,” said Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch to begin her speech, “but Superior deserves its own brewery.

Here is the FOX21 coverage of the event.

New Brewery in Superior Expected to Make Big Economic Impact

Local Articles on Earth Rider Brewing Company

Growler Magazine: Fitger’s co-founder announces plans to open new brewery in Superior, Wis.


Tim Nelson, one of the co-founders of Fitger’s Brewhouse and brewery consulting firm Bev-Craft, announced plans today to open Earth Rider Brewing Company in Superior, Wisconsin. The brewery will be located near the High Bridge at 1617 N. 3rd Street (the former home of Leamon Mercantile Co.), with plans to service the Twin Ports, and the South and North Shores of Lake Superior.

Read the full article at Growler Magazine.










Duluth News Tribune: Earth Rider Brewery coming to Superior

Local craft brewing pioneer Tim Nelson is building a $2.5 million brewery in Superior.

Earth Rider Brewery will set up its fermenters in the Leamon Mercantile Co. building at 1617 N. Third St. this spring, and it will focus on beer drinkers “around the corner of the lake.”

“We’re going to service our community, that’s our number one thing, and we’re aiming for 2,000 barrels in the first year,” Nelson said Thursday. To compare, he said Bent Paddle produces about 25,000 barrels a year.”

Nelson said he expects the first draft to be poured late this summer.

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Twin Cities Pioneer Press: Fitger’s Brewhouse co-founder launching new brewery in Wisconsin

“That gives us all the green space that’s there to use as a beer garden — it’s bigger than a beer garden,” Nelson said.

The brewery is the second to be incubated by Bev-Craft, a regional consultancy started by Nelson, Paul Christensen, Brad Nelson and Dave Hoops last year. The first business born of Bev-Craft, Hoops Brewing, is set to open this spring in Canal Park.

Earth Rider will start out with a 20-barrel system and eventually add cans; it plans to distribute between Ashland, Wis., and Two Harbors, Minn.

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Brewery planned for Superior


Twin Ports’ brewing pioneer announces new venture

It has been 50 years since Superior, Wis. has had a brewery producing beer for the regional market, when Northern Brewing Company shuttered it’s doors in 1967. Continuing with their mission to support the re-localization of brewing, Tim Nelson and his company Bev-Craft have announced plans to build Earth Rider Brewing Company to service the Twin Ports, and the South and North Shores of Lake Superior.

The brewery will reside on the north end of Tower Ave., nestled between monolithic grain elevators of Superior’s working harbor, and restaurants and bars of the entertainment district. The location at the foot of the High Bridge (1617 N 3rd Street, formerly the Leamon Mercantile Co) offers easy access from anywhere in the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior.

Nelson expects redevelopment of the structure to begin in the spring with the first batch of beer brewed in late summer. Earth Rider’s brewing operations will occupy a 16,300-square-foot facility, with a project budget to exceed in $2.5 million in private investment with support from the City of Superior, Superior Choice Credit Union, Wisconsin Business Development, Douglas County Development Association, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Northland Foundation, Northeast Entrepreneur Fund, and APEX.


Earth Rider is the second brewery to be announced by Bev-Craft, with Hoops Brewing in Duluth being the first. Bev-Craft is a brewery-incubator consultancy with a mission to keep indie brewing robust. Bev-Craft’s team includes 22-year industry veteran Nelson along with some of the region’s most decorated brewers, including Frank Kaszuba and Dave Hoops.

The brewery taproom will be the historic Cedar Lounge, which was originally built by the Northern Brewing Company as a tied house in 1912. Renovations to the Cedar were completed in August and it is currently operating as a beer-centric tavern. An outdoor beer garden and event space will provide a lively connection between the brewhouse and the taproom.

Nelson co-founded Minnesota’s fifth craft brewery, Fitger’s Brewhouse, in 1995 and has remained an instrumental figure in the industry ever since. He says the Twin Ports have numerous benefits for brewers including a strong workforce, pristine Lake Superior water, and a growing number of craft beer drinkers.

“The head of the Great Lakes have a strong and growing indie beer culture, the best brewing water anywhere, and several outstanding breweries,” said Nelson. “We’re excited to produce a local product that bolsters the economy and culture.”


Tim Nelson, Earth Rider Brewing Company founder
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