Superior Beer

  • Superior Pale Ale

    ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 56   |   SRM: 3.3

    Brewed for Northlanders who live near the greatest lake. American hops lend citrus notes to this crisp, clean, and easy drinking pale. Hold fast.


  • Precious Material Helles Lager

    ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 29   |   SRM: 3.6

    Old Bavaria meets Great Lakes adventure. German hops and Lake Superior water create an invigorating beer—bright and refreshing. Hold fast.

  • Caribou Lake IPA

    ABV: 7.4%   |   IBU: 85   |   SRM: 8

    Hop aromas of pine and berry harken to lakes of the far North. A prominent malt backbone balances moderate hop bitterness. Hold fast.


  • North Tower Stout

    ABV: 6.0%   |   IBU: 28   |   SRM: 36

    Bronze medal winner at the World Beer Cup in the Oatmeal Stout category (2018). Malty accents of chocolate, coffee, and dark fruit are balanced with a restrained hop presence in this stouthearted ale.


  • Duluth Coffee Pale Ale

    ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 32   |   SRM: 5

    America’s best outdoor city demands a beer that pushes boundaries. This mildly hopped pale is crafted using single-farm sourced beans from Duluth Coffee Company.

  • Blackbecrush

    ABV: 5.2%   |   IBU: 15   |   SRM: 4.5

    Blackbecrush is a kettle-soured wheat ale with pail-loads of blackberries. Refreshing and deliciously tart.

  • Raspbecrush

    ABV: 5.2%   |   IBU: 15   |   SRM: 4.5

    As inviting as a Lake Superior raspberry patch! Raspbecrush is a kettle-soured wheat ale with pail-loads of raspberries. Refreshing and deliciously tart. Hold fast.

  • Valhalla Ale

    ABV: 8.6%   |   IBU: 31   |   SRM: 30

    Ascend to Valhalla. This full-flavored Scotch ale boldly delivers a malt character of caramel and dark fruit.

  • Royal Bohemian Pilsner

    ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 36   |   SRM: 2.9

    Follow your own path. Lake Superior water and Bohemian malt make a crisp and clean lager with a noble hop bite.

  • Cloud Top Hazy IPA

    ABV: 6.4%   |   IBU: 24   |   SRM: 4.1

    Set sail on the clouds. Our Nor’easter style IPA ballasts juicy hop aroma with flavors of orange, mango, and peach. Hold fast.

  • Navigator Doppelbock

    Navigator Doppelbock

    ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 35   |   SRM: 14
  • Aquavit Barrel Aged Valhalla Ale

    ABV: 8.6%   |   IBU: 31   |   SRM: 30

    Valhalla, our malt-driven Scotch Ale, was aged in a Vikre Voyageur Aquavit barrel to add rich complexity. Malt flavors and aromas of toast, caramel and dark fruit blend with barrel-added notes of citrus peel, cardamom, and fennel. Hold fast.

  • Festbier

    ABV: 5.7%   |   IBU: 30   |   SRM: 5

    The life of the party! Earth Rider’s Munich-style Festbier is a golden lager with bready malt character and subdued floral-hop aroma. Hold fast.

  • Prince Haakon Honey Bock

    ABV: 7.0%   |   IBU: 22   |   SRM: 11

    The right beer after an epic ski. This smooth lager blends a floral-honey aroma and flavor with toasted malt character.

  • Sauna Session Best Bitter Ale

    ABV: 4.0%   |   IBU: 12   |   SRM: 15

    The perfect sauna companion with a slightly sweet bready malt character together with an herbal hop flavor that’s reminiscent of iced tea.

  • Bière de Garde

    ABV: 7.1%   |   IBU: 27.6   |   SRM: 5.1

    Get a sneak taste of Earth Rider’s entry into the GABF (Great American Beer Festival) Pro-Am Division. This French farmhouse-style ale is malt-forward with citrus and spicy hop character.

  • Tap Shack Caribbean Lager

    ABV: 5.2%   |   IBU: 2.6   |   SRM: 16

    Light, crisp and refreshing, Tap Shack Caribbean Lager is similar to beers enjoyed on the islands of the Caribbean. Brewed with a touch of lime zest, Tap Shack is made for hot summer days.

  • Stoney Point IPA

    ABV: 6.5%   |   IBU: 56   |   SRM: 4.2

    Our tribute to the fresh-water surf scene drops in with a heavy tropical-fruit nose before kicking out citrus and resinous flavors.

  • Allouez Amber Ale

    ABV: 6.1%   |   IBU: 18   |   SRM: 19

    Allouez Amber Ale is dryer and roasty-er than most amber ales. Dark fruit, roasted coffee, and toasty flavors come out as it warms. Low hop presence balances the sweetness with a clean and spicy bitterness. Finishes dry.

  • Russian Imperial Stout

    ABV: 9.0%   |   IBU: 65   |   SRM: 40

    Earth Rider Russian Imperial Stout is a big stout with notes of chocolate and espresso.

  • Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout

    ABV: 9.0%   |   IBU: 65   |   SRM: 40

    Flavors of dark chocolate and raspberry dominate this early-spring sipper before finishing dry.

About Earth Rider

Fiercely independent Earth Rider Brewery crafts world-class beer with Lake Superior water and peerless ingredients. Earth Rider’s team is proud to sustainably produce beer for the Twin Ports, and the South and North Shores of Lake Superior.

Earth Rider is the first brewery in Superior, Wis. to produce beer for the region since 1967 when Northern Brewing Company ceased operations.

The brewery building was constructed in the late 1880s as a bakery, transformed to a “bakery supply” store during prohibition, and then lasted five generations as a beer wholesaler (Leamon Mercantile).

Earth Rider’s Cedar Lounge taproom sits adjacent to the brewery. The Cedar is a historic Northern Brewing Company tied-house tavern constructed in 1912.

Earth Rider is a member of the Bev-Craft network of independent breweries, comprised of a team of decorated brewers and brewing-industry professionals with a mission to keep independent craft brewing robust.

Tour Our Brewery

Earth Rider Brewery tours depart from the Cedar Lounge taproom on Saturdays at 4pm. 

Tours last approximately one hour and include samples and a souvenir Earth Rider Beer sample glass.
Cost: $6.00 per person
You must be 21+ to enjoy beer samples. Underage guests may take the brewery tour without consuming beer samples.

For more information or to sign up for a tour contact the Cedar Lounge taproom. 715-394-7391



The Duluth Experience offers two excursions that include the Earth Rider Brewery. The Twin Ports Brewery Tour will bring you to three separate breweries on both sides of the Duluth-Superior Harbor. The Superior Makers Tour visits Earth Rider Brewery first followed by the Epicurean manufacturing facility.

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