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Brewery Construction Flows



Construction activity has been fast paced at Earth Rider Brewery. New windows have been installed to let some sunshine into the brewery. The plumbers have finished installing the new drainage network which includes trench drains from the future brewhouse. Six-inch water service to the building has been installed to meet the volume demands of the brewhouse. The electricians nearly finished installing 400-amp, 480-volt electrical service, which will allow us to power all our brewery equipment as well as provide capacity for future expansions. Our bulk CO2 tank for carbonating beer was set into place a week ago by Minneapolis Oxygen. Construction of our boiler room begins this week.

We have been receiving equipment as well. Our glycol chiller, keg washer and some of our grain handling equipment have arrived. We anticipate receiving our Wisconsin-made brewhouse from W.M. Sprinkman early this August.

Of course, we can’t wait to start brewing beer! If all goes to plan, we will start brewing in September and will pour our first finished batch in October.

We’ll keep you posted!

Earth Rider Brewery

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