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Bock Beer is brewed for celebrations!

The bock beer style originated in Einbeck, Germany during the 13th century. Fruitfully grown hops of the region allowed brewers to create a more delicate and light-malt-driven lager that was different from the dark gruit (an herb mixture used for bittering and flavoring) beers that were popular in Europe at the time. 

Goats became the symbol of bock beer in the 17th century when Munich brewers popularized bock in that region of Germany. As the story goes, they pronounced “beck” as “bock” in that region, which is also the term for a stag goat. From that point on, the goat became the unofficial mascot of the style.

Today, bock beer colors range from a light amber to mahogany and have an ABV range from 6% to 10%. Common sub-styles within the bock category include maibock, or helles bock, and doppelbock.

Pictured above: Traditional poking of the Bock beer; a poker is heated in the fire and then placed in the Bock creating a foamy layer at the top and a roasted flavor.

We love the bock style and brew three varieties of the lager. Earth Rider High Bridge Helles Bock, Navigator Doppelbock and Haakon Honey Bock rotate on the Cedar Lounge tapline through the winter months. Haakon Honey Bock is currently available in cans at our retail partners in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Earth Rider Haakon Honey Bock is brewed in honor of the American Birkebeiner – and we believe it’s the perfect beer to help kick in the celebration. Haakon is a smooth lager that blends a floral-honey aroma and flavor with toasted malt character.

Celebrate your accomplishment with us! Follow the signs from the finish line to the Earth Rider Celebration Zone tent. Share stories about the race while enjoying a wide variety of Earth Rider Beer and non-alcoholic offerings.

And, don’t miss the annual Earth Rider Bock Fest during the second weekend in March at the Earth Rider Cedar Lounge taproom and fest grounds in Superior. Enjoy live music, beer poking, barrel fires, games,  and a variety of bock beer. Learn more at

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