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Earth Rider and Ursa Minor brew Hazy ‘Bout You for All Pints North

Blog written by Allyson Rolph, Earth Rider Lead Brewer

Hazy ‘Bout You is a dry hopped hazy IPA with cranberry. Earth Rider and Ursa Minor teamed up on the base recipe before adding their own twist on the final brew by utilizing different hop blends. Earth Rider’s version used Bravo and new-varietal Cashmere Hops. Ursa Minor used Bravo and Nelson Sauvin Hops.

The collab was an opportunity for Earth Rider’s brewers to work with another Duluth Superior brewery, and challenge each other with new ingredients and brewing techniques.

Bravo is tried and true in the kettle, offering a polished and pleasant bitterness profile. Candied orange and sweet fruit notes emerge when used as a late hop or dry hop addition. Bravo is “the bittering hop of choice” for many brewers.

Cashmere is a versatile and dual-purpose hop variety that brings complex aromas of citrus and tropical fruit to the front.

Hazy ‘Bout You utilized Maltwerks Pale Malt. Maltwerks is a Midwest malt house focused on quality, locally produced, traceable malt to craft brewers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Hazy ‘Bout You

ABV 6.5% | IBU 25 | SRM 4.5

Earth Rider Brewery

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