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Earth Rider Loves Trail Blazers

Earth Rider Brewery lies in Superior’s North End neighborhood at the heart of the Twin Ports. The working harbor at the base of Blatnick ‘High’ Bridge is the brewery’s backdrop and offers dozens of trail systems within minutes drive. Twin Ports area trails offer thousands of miles of mountain biking, cross country skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and motorized wilderness exploration. The historic Cedar Lounge taproom is itself located at a trailhead of Superior’s UTV/ATV trail system. There is parking for larger adventure rigs with trailers, as well as bicycle racks and motorcycle parking.

The Birkie’s mission of ‘Ski. Bike. Run. Life.’  strengthens Earth Rider’s vision for why we brew. Northern Wisconsin’s pinnacle event helps define our culture, as we also cross-country ski, ride bikes, run, fish, and camp. The grit and dedication of skiers, bikers, trail runners, and sauna takers mirror Earth Rider Brewery’s play harder attitude and head-of-the-lakes perseverance.

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