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Why Earth Rider is Superior Craft Beer

Craft Breweries have been popping up for many years around the world. The trend was born in the U.S. in 1978 when prohibition-era laws were overturned to allow home brewing. A small number of inventive individuals took to their kitchens and makeshift brewing systems to try old recipes and create new beers that were different from the beer being pushed at them constantly. A change in the industry was afoot, and from those home-brewed beers came craft breweries.

The Brewers Association defines craft breweries as breweries that produce less than 6 million barrels a year and have 25% or less of controlling ownership held by non-brewer investors.

Craft breweries use their independence to create a wide variety of fun and flavorful beers that Big Beer would never produce. Since Earth Rider is independently owned, we have the ability to experiment with different beer styles and flavors free from outside pressure. We like to say that we are “fiercely independent,” taking full advantage of our freedom to create pilsners, stouts, IPAs and many other styles with an amazing range of flavors and hop varieties.

Craft breweries meld great beer with a great atmosphere, providing a sense of community alongside beer. Live music, festivals, fairs and food trucks are just a few of the cultural activities that thrive thanks to help from craft breweries. 

Earth Rider Brewery embodies the idea of a craft brewery with our many different beer styles and flavors. Our Cedar Lounge taproom and Earth Rider Festival Grounds provide space for concerts, festivals and games that bring the Twin Ports community together – all with locally crafted award-winning beer. Make us part of your summer adventure by attending a concert or simply stopping by to share a beer. Cheers!

Earth Rider Brewery

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